Patti Bates

General Manager, Protective Business Unit at Glen Raven

Sara Beatty

President, White Haven Trade

Jackie Ferrari

Founder and CEO, American Fashion Network

Jackie Ferrari has been in the apparel business for more than 30 years. She got her start in the Los Angeles fashion district and moved on to the New York Garment District. She built a global import business specializing in speed to market, private label design and manufacturing and the growth of Cafta for America’s top retails brands.

Dr. Melissa Furman, MS, DBA

Founder/Consultant, Career Potential, LLC

Aubrey Hilliard

President, Texican

Aubrey is the CEO of Horizon Energy and President of Texican Carolinas Division where he works with over 300 industrial, commercial, institutional, power generation, EMC’s and municipal customers. Texican is one of the nation’s largest independent natural gas marketers and has consistently been ranked #1 in overall customer satisfaction by the industry’s Mastio Survey. He is on the advisory board of SustainRNG, a renewable natural gas developer. Aubrey is a long-time leader in the natural gas industry and has deep ties with many independent and major gas natural gas producers as well as interstate pipeline operators.

Ron Houle

Founder and President, Pivot Step Consultants LLC

Ron Houle is Founder and President of Pivot Step Consultants, LLC. Prior to founding his consulting practice, Ron served for twelve years as vice president of Washington Operations for HDT Global, which had acquired DHS Systems/DRASH in February, 2015. Ron’s focus was on opportunities and programs of record in the defense, homeland security, first responder and community hospitals sectors. He has led company partnerships with federal, state and local emergency response agencies, including strategies supporting military support to civilian agencies. Ron is a retired Army Colonel with over 24 years of Active Duty service, and a graduate of the United States Military Academy, West Point, NY.

Dan Hughes

Co-founder, ClariteeAI

Dan Hughes, co-founder of Claritee.AI, is a seasoned expert in Generative AI, with over a 20-year career helping clients implement emerging technologies. His journey began with early ERP systems, advancing through to sophisticated data warehouses & analytics applications, and cutting-edge AI technologies. Before establishing Claritee.AI, Dan served his clients as a senior consultant at Andersen Business Consulting, where he focused on implementation strategies, communication, and fostering strong client relationships. Dan is a trusted leader for teams navigating the complex landscape of tech changes.

Laura Murphy

Research Director, Wood Mackenzie Chemicals

Laura joined PCI Wood Mackenzie, now known as Wood Mackenzie Chemicals, in 2017 after more than 25 years in the nylon and polyester industrial fiber business. Prior to joining Wood Mackenzie, she worked for DuPont, Kordsa, Hailide America, and most recently Nexis Fibers. Her roles have included everything from process engineer to shift supervisor to market manager. Laura grew up in Rhode Island and received a chemical engineering degree from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. In her spare time, she is an avid underwater photographer and is currently trying to improve her golf handicap. She enjoys the occasional glass of pinot noir in her suburban Philadelphia home.

Annabel Pohlmeyer

Technical Manager, Application Field Finishing, CHT Germany

Annabel Pohlmeyer is a technical manager in the application field finishing at CHT Germany for more than 8 years.
She supports her colleagues in “the Americas” in all matters relating to finishing like recipe suggestions, introducing new innovations, and/or global marketing.
She is 33 years old and studied Textile Technology & Management at the University of Reutlingen.
It is very important to her to promote sustainability and emphasizes the urgency of rethinking. That is why she is one of several Sustainable Ambassadors at CHT.

Robert Rosania

Chief Executive Officer, Ehmke Manufacturing Company, Inc.

A demonstrated expert in organizational excellence and the textile manufacturing marketplace, Robert L. Rosania brings a unique blend of technical knowledge, practical application and continuous improvement to his organization. Mr. Rosania’s extensive educational background and professional experience has led him to the position he holds today at one of the pre-eminent specialty fabrics end-product manufacturers in the United States.

Robert L. Rosania is Owner and Chief Executive Officer of Ehmke Manufacturing Company, Inc. Mr. Rosania joined Ehmke in 1993 as a Partner and Plant Manager, and was later promoted to Vice President, Sales and Marketing, before moving into his current position in 2000. During his tenure as CEO, Ehmke has grown twentyfold and expanded into the Defense, Military and Aerospace marketplaces. He has extensive experience in military and aviation contract work.

Roger Tutterow, Ph.D

Professor of Economics, Kennesaw State University

Roger Tutterow is Professor of Economics at Kennesaw State University where he holds the Henssler Financial Endowed Chair.

In addition to his work in academia, Dr. Tutterow has served as a consultant on financial economics and statistical modeling for corporate clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to closely held businesses. He has provided expert testimony on economic, financial and statistical matters in state and federal court, before the Georgia General Assembly and before the Georgia Public Service Commission. Dr. Tutterow has given several hundred speeches to professional groups in over 40 states and Canada on topics in the economic, business and political arenas.

Lisa Marie Vivino

Chief of Dress Clothing Division, Clothing & Textiles Directorate, DLA Troop Support

Lisa Marie Vivino serves as chief of the dress clothing division in the Clothing & Textiles directorate at DLA Troop Support in Philadelphia. She is a level III certified Defense Acquisition Professional with 28 years of federal acquisition service. Ms. Vivino holds a Master’s Degree in Acquisition Management and oversees a team of 30 acquisition specialists responsible for procuring various clothing items including dress uniforms, outwear, shirts, hats and heraldry/insignia items for our nation’s warfighters.


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